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若中國國民黨提名郭台銘先生角逐 2020 年總統大選,那這黨算不算鴻海集團的一份子?

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類似郭台銘這類的人, 台灣特別有兩岸問題,

基於利益衝突迴避原則, 郭董應該不可以參選總統

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成為 "鴻海精密" 的一份子?



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 類似郭台銘這類的人, 台灣特別有兩岸問題,

基於利益衝突迴避原則, 郭董應該不可以參選總統

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 郭台銘是否要先放棄美國籍再來參選台灣總統, 他捨得嗎? 

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 > 基於利益衝突迴避原則,郭董應該不可以參選總統


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 中國可以是放火的 先演索羅斯, 再來變成救火的中南海


台灣重演當年 九七香港 到 CEPA 過程

台灣國安的散漫已久, 是該好好整頓了


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 > 這黨算不算鴻海集團的一份子?


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郭台銘選總統概念股 法人點名5G、半導體、生技族群

〈郭董參選2020〉選總統概念股出列 法人點名5G、半導體、生技族群
鉅亨網記者彭昱文 台北

鴻海 (2317-TW) 董事長郭台銘今 (16) 日對外鬆口考慮參選 2020 年總統大選,法人點名,除鴻海力推的 AI 8K+5G 外,集團近期大動作擴大投資的半導體、大力推動的生技醫療等相關族群,均可望躋身「郭董選總統概念股」。

郭台銘今日首度對外鬆口,會利用這 2 天會考慮是否參選 2020 年總統大選,市場人士分析,鴻還現在主打 AI 8K+5G,其中 5G 除了是全球技術發展趨勢外,也是台灣目前政策力推方向之一。
而鴻海集團旗下與 5G 相關的除了網通廠台揚及建漢外,還有電信商亞太電,也成領漲標的。

另外,鴻海集團近來積極擴大半導體布局,內容涵蓋晶圓廠、IC 設計、晶片製造、封測以及設備廠,若郭台銘參選可望帶來政策利多,泛鴻海集團中相關個股則有設備廠京鼎、友威科、驅動 IC 廠天鈺、封測廠訊芯 – KY 等。

生技醫療領域也是這幾年鴻海專注推動的領域,像是攜手台大打造台大癌醫中心,永齡健康基金會也與默克集團 (Merck) 簽署合作備忘錄,在生物晶片感測器及介面、液態活檢、精準醫學及醫療管理服務方案等 4 大領域展開合作,也可望成為郭董參選概念股。

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Foxconn's Terry Gou Says Sea Goddess Backs Him to Run for Taiwan President



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 Beijing threatens to ‘Lebanonize’ Taiwan

The phone conversation between US President-elect Donald Trump and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, and Trump’s remarks about the “One China” policy, have grated on Beijing’s nerves.

The state mouthpiece Global Times said in an editorial on Monday that China might “Lebanonize” Taiwan if necessary, the first time such a strategy was mentioned in China.

What exactly would that mean?

“Lebanonization” is a word coined in June 1983 by Shimon Peres, then Israel’s Labor Party leader, when he talked about Israel removing its troops from Lebanon: “Our policy should be maximum Lebanonization of the territory and minimum permanent Israeli army presence.”

Peres meant Israel would return Lebanon to the Lebanese, which was a good thing.

However, the Israeli withdrawal was followed by a permanent state of civil war among the religious, ethnic and political factions in Lebanon.

As a result, Lebanonization took on a more negative meaning and became a phrase to describe a failed state that keeps struggling with religious and other disputes.

The chaos in Lebanon stabilized after a former army general, Michel Aoun, was elected president in October.

Even though the presidential vacuum was resolved, Lebanon’s key political blocs continue to disagree on almost everything else.

On the other hand, Israeli troops have yet to fully withdraw from Lebanon’s borders. Relationship between Lebanon and its neighbors remains tense and economic development stalled.

As such, “Lebanonization” is used to describe how a country can cripple another jurisdiction just by occasional exchanges of fire or by blocking the border without going into a full-scale war.

Lebanon had been one of the richest nations in the Middle East for two centuries. The capital city Beirut used to be called Paris of the Middle East, until the civil war in 1975 changed everything.

Going back to the Global Times editorial, titled No More Fantasy And Get Ready To Wrestle With Trump, the article attacked Trump’s comments on the “One China” policy and said China’s core interests have been violated.

Interestingly, the newspaper did not touch on what action China would take against the US.

Instead, it suggested that Beijing should crack down on “Taiwan independence” forces, noting that “we will ‘Lebanonize’ Taiwan, if necessary”.

The article also said attacking Taiwan is one of the real options.

That said, China’s invasion of Taiwan is still pretty much unthinkable and unrealistic.

Although the “hawks” in Beijing have always threatened to use force to unify with Taiwan, the idea has never gained serious attention in mainland China and Taiwan or even in the global community.

Unification through force could easily agitate the US and even trigger open hostilities between the two powers, something which could escalate into a global conflagration.

Lebanonizing Taiwan, by comparison, is a far more practical option.

Through occasional conflicts in the waters between China and Taiwan, or by the use of economic sanctions, the island could be dealt a heavy blow.

Let’s just wait and see how Tsai would react to the new threat.

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>>> ………希望媽祖也能託夢全民要不要投他





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5年前稱關公指示 郭台銘曾說:「台灣最不能做的職位就是總統」,「那是害人的位置,不要害我」。

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回信 發言人:Cobra, on Apr/18/2019    02:04:11 (IP code: X.X.253.191)
 嗯嗯, Murphy's law. 郭文貴很早以前就預測了, 沈黑朝大大的專區. 

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回信 發言人:Cobra, on Apr/18/2019    02:11:15 (IP code: X.X.253.191)
 和碩的童子賢以 "民主就是要拿來當飯吃" 一句話把郭台銘頂了回去...
先放個心, 郭台銘在台灣企業界的敵人多的是.

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